Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

Electronics is considered as one of the most important invention in history. It is the only driving force of this information age that we live in and it touches nearly every aspects of our modern life. The field of electronics and communication engineering encompasses the knowledge of basic electronics, Components/Devices, communication principles, latest and modern affluences and gadgets used in the present day world. The system for sensing, transmitting and processing information are all based in electronics. The development of a country depends upon the technology, it develops, uses and exports with round the world R & D in the field of electronics and communication engineering and information technology, the electronics and communication engineers have a wide scope and opportunity to built their carrier any where in the world and hence there is a great demand globally. In order to conceive and grasp the basic principle and experimental skills in the field of electronics and communication engineering.

The department has recruited a highly qualified and dedicated team of faculty and also established various laboratories fully equipped with the modern and latest equipment for different laboratories as below,

  • Basic electronics Engineering Lab
  • Analog electronics Circuit Lab
  • Digital Electronics Circuit Lab
  • Micro Processor and Micro Controller Lab
  • Communication Engineering Lab
  • Digital Signal Processing Lab
  • VLSI Lab